At Foodpack we have a complete and total packing capability, and are able to cover all aspects of packaging from primary and secondary to sensitive and naked product, we can also provide the rework and repacking, hand assembly work and SRP – Shelf Ready Packaging.

Our factory is a dedicated food facility with clean room technology, allergen controlled, BRC, AIB and Organic Accreditation. We have a wide range of machine capabilities to meet your product packing requirements.

Bagging & Sachets – any shape, any size

With fifteen bagging & sachet systems in place we have the capabilities to pack various food products, many of which can range from Confectionery, powders and particles, Cereals and pulses products.


  • Small sachets
  • Pillow Packs
  • Block Bottom Bags (BBB)
  • Tetrahedron Packs
  • Clear Film
  • Printed & Registered
  • Gas Flushing (Nitrogen & Argon)
  • Pack Widths from 30mm to 250mm wide
  • Twin Bagging Systems
  • 12 Bagging Systems


With four flowrapping systems all with various length and width specifications, from multi packs, naked products handling and sachets, we will be able to meet your wrapping needs.


  • Single Packs
  • Multiple Packs
  • Large Pack Selections
  • Clear Film
  • Printed Film


Our abilities on cartoning many products ranging from confectionery, breakfast cereals, snacks, multicomponent and baking mixes through to pulse and dried goods.


  • Horizontal Cartoning
  • Vertical Cartoning
  • Skillet End Load Cartons
  • Flat Top Load Cartons
  • Full Glue System
  • Automatic Cartoning
  • Semi-Automatic Cartoning


We are one of the major supplier for the branded retail porridge pot business.


  • 71mm Diameter Pots
  • 82mm Diameter Pots
  • 95mm Diameter Pots
  • 97mm Diameter Pots
  • and other sizes
  • Co-Ex Poly Membrane
  • Alu Foil Membrane
  • 3mm deep to 120mm deep

Top Hats


  • With Spoon, Fork or Spork (95mm)
  • 71 / 82 /95 /97mm Diameter Pots
  • 3mm deep to 120mm deep

Sachets & Pouches


  • 3 Side Sealed Sachets
  • 4 Side Sealed Sachets
  • Fin Seal & Lap Sealed Sachets
  • Horizontal Sachet Machines
  • Vertical Sachet Machines
  • Gusseted Sachets
  • Registered Film ~ 8 Colours
  • Pre-made Pouches
  • Pre-Made Pouches with Zip
  • Doy Style Pouches

Drums & Tubes & Canisters


  • Cardboard Tubes ~ Square
  • Cardboard Tubes ~ Round
  • Cardboard Tubes ~ Faceted

Bottles & Jars


  • PET Jars & Bottles
  • 15ml to 200ml Bottles
  • 100ml to 350ml Jars
  • 350mm to 800ml HDPE

Mixing & Blending

Our staff are fully trained in naked product handling, and ingredient mixing and blending.


  • Pre-Blend Preparation
  • Ribbon Blenders & Mixers
  • High Shear Mixers
  • Specialist Baking Mix Blending
  • Block Fat Handling & Process
  • Liquid Fat Handling
  • 400 Litre to 600 Litre
  • Drum Blending

Feed Systems


  • Multi Head Weigher’s
  • Duplex Multi Head Weigher’s
  • Quad Multi Head Weigher’s
  • Linear Weigher’s
  • Large Auger Feed
  • Micro Auger Feed
  • Volumetric & Shoe Style

NPD & Research

We have our own development kitchens where we are happy to undertake work for our customers in developing products of the highest innovation and quality